About us

The stylists at our beauty salon are Japanese beauticians that have extensive experience working in Japan and are highly skilled.
At our salon, we are using Japanese and local products, as our chemicals, furniture, and chairs.
We have prepared an environment where we provide the exact same quality from Tokyo in Canada. We promise soothing moments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our Strength


This is a Japanese hair salon in Vancouver, brought to life by AUBE hair, which operates over 140 salons in Japan and 10 overseas.

AUBE is a Japanese hair salon in Vancouver,Canada, brought to life by AUBE hair, which operates over 110 salons in Japan and 8 overseas.
This is a salon that is comfortable to both our staff and our guests, as we focus on the choicest salon interior items and chemicals. Please enjoy our best “hospitality,” which crosses the language barrier.


Spend high quality moments at our lie-flat “DREAM” shampoo stations.

At Our Salon, we maximize your beauty through AUBE original cuts that flatter your bone structure and coloring.
Also, you can enjoy organic head spa and treatment, as well as pedicures, while relaxing in our lie-flat “DREAM” shampoo stations.


In order to ensure top quality service and technique, All the materials and processing we are using are the finest Japanese products and the finest overseas products. Even those with sensitive hair or skin can use our products without fear.

From coloring agents to equipment and chemicals used in treatments and perms, all materials used in our beauty salon are brought in directly from Japan.
For those with sensitive hair or skin who do not react well to Vancouver people treatments, or those with delicate orders that could not be accomplished in Vancouver until now, we ask that you freely consult with your stylist.